Cinderella 2015

This 2015 Cinderella adaption will probably go down in history as all about ‘that dress!’ Yup, you know the one I’m talking about- that magical, almost mirage of blue material. The transformation of Cinderella is surreal and the ballroom dance is breathtaking and gripping. Big thumbs up to Sandy Powell and her amazing skill in costume design. That dress is almost a character on its own, and definitely makes this film! I also love the humble blue of Ella’s pre-transformation dress.

This is true escapism. ‘Cinderella’ screams ‘Disney movie!’ The settings are beautiful, and the entire movie really had that magical ‘wow’ factor deserving of a Disney remake. And Richard Madden with his dreamy blue eyes as the Prince *sigh* definitely earned a few extra points from me. The animation and special effects were also gorgeous.
Right from the beginning, the introduction of the animals, the mice, the music, and the rich colour filter truly makes for a magical retelling of Cinderella. The narration is also great and nostalgic. The relationship of the family in the beginning is very warm and happy and paints the perfect family. What I also love was how the mother looked similar to the daughter and the young Ella looked similar to the grown up Ella. This made the story more believable (unlike in some movies where you just wonder, how on earth do they look related?)

Lily James made a good Cinderella, and brought innocent charm to her role. The original story line was kept, and it really impressed me that the film kept to the classic story. There were a few omissions, such as the mice making the dress and the fairy godmother I found quite modern and funny rather than traditional. It was also very modern with coloured actors who held positions in the palace (not that I’m being racist, but that would have been unusual back in that era). I found these modern tweaks refreshing and I didn’t mind at all.
The prince and Cinderella had good chemistry and the prince was super handsome. However I preferred the chemistry between Cinderella and the Prince in Ever After. The moral of this story is really good and has a simple message of ‘have courage and be kind,’ that ‘kindness and love are free,’ and forgiveness.

Cate Blanchett as the evil stepmother and Helena Bonham Carter as fairy godmother were very well cast and they brought a lot to their roles. Drisella and Pricella were also satisfactory.
This is definitely a feast for the eyes, so sweet, no filth or bad language or other Hollywood garbage. There was also humour and wit in the script which I liked – such as ‘I can’t drive, I’m a goose!’ which I found funny.
The scene where Cinderella asks for the first branch that brushes her father’s shoulder I found a bit gushy and I did cringe a bit. It was a bit cheesy, she could have said ‘just come back safely.’ Also, when news came of Ella’s father’s death, I would have liked to see more of an outburst of sadness from Ella. I think that would have been more realistic and drawn me into the story more. One other thing was I thought the King didn’t really come across as very ‘king-like.’ He seemed weak and feeble and not so pompous and convincing for his status. I prefer Timothy West’s portrayal of the King in ‘Ever After.’
Also worthy of mention is the entrance of the Evil Stepmother with her cat Lucifer into Ella’s home. It was dramatic and fantastic – and that outfit was jaw-dropping. I loved the line that accompanied it – ‘She too knew grief but she wore it wonderfully well.’








image6Ok, the verdict is… I preferred Cinderella in Ever After. Cinderella in this adaption was more passive, weak, naïve, feeble… Whereas in Ever After she was much stronger, spirited and passionate which made her character better developed. It is hard to decide between the two movies which I prefer. One is very much a fairy-tale, the other more down to earth. I guess it’s a matter of taste. They were both very well done – but I think I can identify with ‘Ever After’ more than ‘Cinderella.’ I own both DVD’s but I watch Ever After more. I find it more entertaining. I guess for this reason, I have to side with Ever After. Which do you prefer? Share your comment below 


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