Jane Eyre 2006

The classic tale of an orphan who survives harsh treatment to become a governess at Thornfield Hall. But Thornfield holds a dark secret. This 2006 adaption of Jane Eyre is a literary adaption done right… in 4 hours!


As the Guardian reviewed after its release “”The new BBC version shows that it is […] possible to make successful drama by telling the story straight. It features an excellent performance from Toby Stephens, who manages to make Rochester simultaneously macho and vulnerable, and also from Ruth Wilson as a quizzical, strong and un-neurotic Jane.”

MV5BY2EwNDc0NDctNzNhNS00ZmMwLTlkZWUtZmFlYTNlY2RjMDQwL2ltYWdlXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyNTQxMTIxMTk@._V1_Well done to the BBC for this amazing adaption of Jane Eyre. The casting was brilliant. This is definitely the best on screen Jane & Rochester couple. The chemistry between Ruth Wilson and Toby Stephens was phenomenal & they were able to portray the spirit of the characters extremely well. All the supporting cast were fantastic as well. I was riveted to my seat watching this series and felt like I was watching Jane & Rochester unfold before my very eyes.
The soundtrack was lovely and refreshing and had a mysterious tone to it which added to this gothic story, and perfectly reflected Rochester’s dark, broody manner.

Toby Stephens as Rochester was amazing. *swoon* He really brought Rochester to life. He brought the harsh, brooding dark side of Rochester to the fore, and throughout the film as Jane gets to know him better, is able to make us love him, pity him and then as he show vulnerability, he just breaks our hearts. Yes, we feel just as Jane Eyre does. Only a great movie can do that. The lighting, scenery and costume were fantastic to. I didn’t want this 4- part series to end.

And who would of thought that Ruth Wilson was just fresh out of acting school in this role? Prior to doing Jane Eyre, she only had one professional screen credit in a comedy called ‘Suburban Shootout’. She was wonderfully cast and has so much potential. There were some liberties taken with the gypsy scene and some of the wording in the script was a bit modern, but the central story is the relationship between Jane and Rochester, and that was done to perfection. The few minor changes I didn’t mind, as long as I got the Jane & Rochester thing – which I did (yippee!)

I feel as did Barry Garron in The Hollywood Reporter, who suggested that, “the new adaptation written by Sandy Welch and directed by Susanna White doesn’t add new colours to Bronte’s romantic novel. Rather, it brings out all the shades and hues of the original portrait, restoring it to its full glory.”

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