Jane Eyre 1997

Another Jane Eyre adaption staring Ciaran Hinds & Samantha Morton.


A movie that’s watched and forgotten, all 108 minutes. I watched it because I like the Jane Eyre story. But this did nothing for me. There was lots cut out. Ciaran Hinds completely misinterpreted Mr Rochester and turned him into a gruff, wild unlovable man. To use the words od0769-eyetvsnapshot18f Jane Austen’s Mr Knightley, it was ‘badly done indeed!’ Granted, Samantha Morton was a suitable Jane. And it’s nice to see both Captain Wentworths in the same movie (Ciaran Hinds & Rupert Penry-Jones), but even that was not enough to rescue this film.

Some scenes made me cringe. What kind of kiss was that between Jane and Rochester? *sigh* Writing this review is giving me deja-vu of writing my review for Persuasion 2007 about that also cringe worthy kiss, and it has the same effect in both movies…. it just ruins it!

jane eyre 1997 end
The scenery is nice to look at, and the sound track is decent.
While lots of details were left out, you think what they left in could at least be accurate. *sign again* For example, Jane did not tell St John her real name when she got there…
All in all, it’s not the best. I’ve watched this once, and that’s all. What are your thoughts on this adaption? Share below.


  1. I agree the adaptation does not follow the novel very closely and the kiss was a bit cringe-inducing, but I still found this version endearing. Interestingly, I found this representation of Mr. Rochester to be close to my interpretation of him. Reading the novel, I envisioned Mr. Rochester to be mainly dominant, abrupt, and proud, which I found this Rochester to be through his gruffness. However, I can see how this Rochester could be a bit too gruff, even in some of the more vulnerable scenes.

    I’m excited to read more Jane Eyre reviews, if that is what you decide to do in the future! 🙂

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